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WTAF happened to my face?!

By February 15, 2018Uncategorized
Illuminate Injectables

Welcome to my first ever blog for Illuminate Injectables!  Coming at you from the Sunshine Coast.  I have decided to explore the world of beauty, cosmetics and cosmetic injectables for the everyday gal.  My intention is to do some myth busting, provide some great beauty tips and of course provide you with factual information on the world of Cosmetic Injectables.

This first blog is an introduction to me.  I’m Steph, I have been living on the Sunshine Coast for 3 years now and LOVE it! I  have been a Registred Nurse for over 16 years.  With a background in Acute care nursing, having worked in ED, CCU and Interventional Suites.

My first venture into the cosmetic industry was around 8 years ago.  I attended an interview with Juvae and during my interview I was asked if I would have botox myself.  Um, what???  Did they think I needed Botox, but I look so young? I thought to myself.   I honestly had not even considered that a young woman in her early 30’s would even be a candidate for it!  I answered yes, of course I would, when the time came – but I didn’t think I needed botox now!  no, oh, how they must’ve chuckled on the inside ?.  I wasn’t able to take the job in the end due to family commitments so continued cardiac nursing, until a few years later when I did actually join the Juvae team as a cosmetic injector.

I think I was taken aback at the question as I have been fortunate enough to be one of those people who have always looked younger than their years.  Throughout my nursing career I’ve always had those little old dears in the hospital asking if I was a student, being shocked that I was married with kids and I even got asked for ID in BWS at the age of 30 – winning!!

At the age of 38 I found my first grey hair hidden on my head then soon after that on of those pesky suckers appeared in my eyebrow!  God damn it, what was happening to me? (I even have one white eyelash now FFS!).  They greys are now appearing thick and fast, meaning that my once signature dark bob has had to welcome some highlights.  Thanks @candicecollective .  But those silver strings sure do need hiding.  Anyway, All of a sudden one day I looked in the mirror and instead of Steph staring back at me there was an aging woman, who I did not recognise.  I looked old, tired and proper grumpy!  My entire face seemed to have gone for a trip down south.

I had known about my super strong frown for a very long time.  I am a natural frowner, frowning even when not angry, even in my sleep – hmmm attractive, not.  I had considered getting botox for a few years but had never got round to it.  Thought it was not that urgent… but check out this bad boy!!

frown line


I was also a wee bit intimidated to walk into a cosmetic clinic with all the beautiful people, so polished andperfect.  I just wanted my grumpy face fixed, but didn’t feel glam enough to be doing that. This experience has pushed me into wanting to create a relaxed environment for the every day woman wanting to get cosmetic injections without feeling intimidated by their injector.  Believe me – I am very ordinary looking and also super nice ?

Now I wish I’d started sooner, but things are on the up!!  I had quite deep set 11s on my frown line.  Ones that show even on that rare occasion when I’m not actually frowning.  If you are in the same boat as me and have these deep lines, fear not!  Get started with treatments ASAP and if you keep them up regularly (3-4monthly) these lines will soften over time.  Mine sure have and I’ve been able to grow my fringe out!  Woooohooo!

I did think a few years ago that I wanted to grow old gracefully and take whatever nature handed to me.  But one day I looked in the mirror and I didn’t feel like me anymore.  Such a cliché, but I’m sure it happens to us all.  That fun loving party girl appeared to have morphed into a tired and saggy mum of 2. Ugh.   Now, I’m still not about to go and reconstruct my whole face, but a little plump here and an iiron out there is not going to hurt anyone right??

Recently I was in a shop on my 40th birthday and the assistant asked if it was a ‘special birthday’ I admitted that yes it was my 40th, her reply was yes, I thought you were either young looking 40 or an old looking 30 ?.  So I guess those years are eventually catching up on me ?, but my cosmetic injections are keeping me at a young looking 40, so I’ll take that for now.

Stay tuned for more information on Antiwrinkle injections, skin care, lip fillers, cheek fillers and more.

Book in to see me for a free consultation at exquisite beauty, Warana, Sunshine Coast and lets see what we can achieve together!! SG x



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